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                  重要消息 Contents   Vol., No.1, 2020      
                  Experiences collection from famous doctors
                  Theoretical study
                  Clinical research

                  Compilation illustration of clinical practice guideline on traditional Chinese medicine alone or combined with antibiotics for patients with community acquired pneumonia--QI Ruihan, ZHI Yingjie, LI Demin, XIE Yanming and ZHANG Hongchun [13]

                  Study on clinical adaptation symptoms of Chinese patent medicine for migraine with Nao'an Dripping Pill as demonstration--ZHOU Bo, LI Qunxian, LYU Yangting, ZHANG Kaige, FU Gaoshuang, FAN Huanhuan, YAO Yuning, CHEN Haimin, WANG Guishu and CAO Kegang [16]

                  Influence of curative effect and NIH-CPSI score,IFN-γ,TNF-α,IL-4 level of Bixie Moisture Penetration soup in the treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis--ZENG Yulin and LIU Maofang [13]

                  Efficacy and safety of Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction combined with N-acetylcysteine in the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis--YUAN Jie, YAN Wu, WANG Xin, GAO Min, LIU Juan and ZHAO Jing [14]

                  Influencing factors of recruitment of clinical trial subjects in traditional Chinese medicine research and analysis--KONG Weijia, CHEN Jiaqi, ZHANG Chuhan, ZHANG Shuang, LI Dongsheng and HAN Mei [15]

                  Case report
                  Experimental research

                  The study of powder homogenization of fennel--WANG Xinhui, LI Min, CHAI Xin, WANG Yuefei and YANG Jing [12]

                  Comparative study on anti-osteoporosis efficacy of epimedium water extract and its residue--ZHOU Yating, LIU Ying, BI Yanan, YUAN Xiaomei, SONG Lei and ZHOU Kun [11]

                  Study on the change regularity of the effective components of Salvia miltiorrhiza in different habitats--WANG Zhiqiang, XU Juan, ZHAO Zhihong, CAO Lijuan, LI Xifan and LI Tianxiang [13]

                  Preparation and physicochemical characterization of folic acid modified nanostructured lipid carrier loaded with tanshinone ⅡA--LIU Jingjing, LI Xinyue, WU Yumei, MA Li, ZHANG Bing, LIU Zhidong and LI Jiawei [9]

                  A study of the medication rule for obesity and its potential role based on data mining and network pharmacology--LYU Renyao and ZHENG Shuqin [14]

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